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AJCE Europe is specialised in supplying hydraulic breakers.

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The Company’s greatest distinction is that they are manufacturing the hydraulic breakers themselves. Their products are manufactured in South-Korea according to the highest technological standards.

AJCE Europe is based in Netherlands and from therethey are supplying theirr products and services throughout Europe.

They strive to maintain sufficient stock levels at all times. This way their customers are secured of fast response and quick delivery times.

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All parts are being manufactured under their own supervision in South-Korea. They use 100% original Korean steel for the fabrication of our breakers.

The factory is equipped with the most modern CNC precision machines for processing high quality steel. This results in products of high and constant quality, fast after-sales service, high efficiency and competitive prices.

✓ Accumulator:
Absorbs shocks and fluctuations, improving life-time of hydraulic breakers.
Applicable breakers: from 810M to 1500M, from 180F to 680F.

✓ Valve adjuster:
Controls the speed and power output of hydraulic breaker.
Applicable breakers: from 600M to 1500M, from 180F to 680F.

✓ Air check valve:
Enables underwater hammering.
Applicable breakers: all models.

✓ On control valve:
Provides sufficient oil flow into the cylinder.

✓ ABF (Anti Blank Firing):
System protects main body from idle hammering.
Applicable breakers: all models.

✓ Auto greasing system:
Improves productivity and comfort for operators.
Applicable breakers: from 500M to 1500M, from 180F to 680F.

✓ Long tool pin and round nut:
Increasing the life time of front head.
Applicable breakers: all models.


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